Hello my name is Giulia Ragazzini, I was born in Rome and I am an Italian model and influencer.

In 2019 I was elected Miss Europe WNTM in 2019.
Thanks to this victory, many paths in fashion opened up for me and I started to get passionate about fashion and outfits.

One of my greatest passions is travel, and since I was a child I can say that I have seen almost the whole world with my father who every year always made me visit a new continent, even arriving in Australia.

Today I feel very lucky as my work as a model and influencer leads me to always be in a new place.

I decided to create this blog where I make you travel with me to the most beautiful places in the world in the most luxurious way that exists, showing you only the top of the top and trying to inspire you on your next trip.

In my travels I have understood that comfort and style are very important to feel free, comfortable but always with style for this reason I have created my own line of casual clothes that you can wear every day but always feel elegant at any time of the day.

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